Finding Perspective

Selected for the juried exhibition of The Contemporary Quilt Group of The Quilters Guild 2016.  The name of the exhibition - 'On The Edge'.

This piece was also the winner of The Anne Tuck Memorial Prize in 2016.

This piece uses worn denim jeans, hand made felt, hand dyed fabrics which have been monoprinted and painted silk. Printed words are embedded in this. 

Applique and dense quilting.

'Simple, Useful, Beautiful'. Pieced linens - including some from the 1950's. Applique with dense quilting. Approx. 150 x 150 cms.

Simple useful beautiful

'Another Day at the Office'

This heavily quilted and appliqued piece was inspired by a large newspaper centrefold photo of someone cycling in the early morning through one of the London parks, probably on his way to work.  All around were glorious autumn colours. I couldn't help but hope that the man looked up once in a while to enjoy his surroundings.

The central tree is hand-painted silk. There are also voiles and further painting. There are words stitched across it saying 'another day at the office....another day at the office...'

Approx. size is 80cms square.

'In Context'                                               

This triptych was made for exhibition at Highcliffe Castle - following one of the stages in its' renovation. I was impressed by the way that the yellow stone stood out, when viewed from a distance and this influenced the resulting piece of work. Hand dyed fabrics, including velvet. Tiny tucks. Some hand made felt. Foils. Hand and machine stitching. Each section is stretched over a frame.

This piece is now sold.

'A Fleeting Glimpse'

The idea for this came from those times when we are rushing - maybe in a car or train journey, when you just catch sight of something that you wish that you had time to investigate further. To take a walk ther rather than just 'speed on through'. The words 'A Fleeting Glimpse' are printed and stitched into the work. It uses hand-dyed silks, commercial fabrics and tiny pieces of velvet. It is thoroughly stitched!

I find birds so characterful - I can't resist including them - here are two -
'Admiral Starling', who seemed to be rather precocious. I used a printing technique to begin this project, it was then layered and machine stitched. Stretched over a canvas. 
Secondly, 'Bird of Courage'. This piece is machine stitched and painted. Stretched over a canvas. Sold.