Quilts are lovely, warm, comforting and cosy things. - things that can be put over chairs, moved around the house, taken to university, used as a picnic blanket, washed, washed again and wrapped around ourself on a chilly evening. We have made them throughout history - so why stop now? I continue to make quilts for people and sometimes for commission. Each one is unique. Many have a story to tell.  


.........and here's one satisfied customer! 
.....and here's the work in progress..........
I've called this following piece 'Topiary'. I hope to make more in similar vein. I loved making it.
The techniques include patchwork, applique and free machine quilting.  Hand-dyed fabrics, as well as some beautiful commercial fabrics were used.
And here's the back, and some of the quilting. I love drawing with my sewing machine!
I've called this one 'A walk in the park' because it reminds me for some reason, of parks on a Sunday afternoon!
Small Heading
....And something completely different...I love this quilt....and it led to some interesting workshops too. Its a quilt which is made of denim. Some of it from jeans! Its amazingly soft. It has a real vintage feel. It was a challenge to quilt as it has three layers, in spite of the denim on the top layer. Yes, it has a wadding in the middle. There are a few touches of other fabrics - mainly the world map fabric. very unusual!
This one has a fresh and modern feel to it - and yet it is based upon a traditional pinwheel design. It was a quilt that grew itself. Another one that I loved making!