Inspirations for my textile art pieces come from my sketchbook, words, walking, travel, family life, time in Italy - almost anything. Ideas from the starting point begin to form. Then paints, dyes, fabric are used to begin to develop the idea further. The fabric produced is layered with hand-dyed or painted fabrics alongside commercial fabrics. These are all continually cut and repositioned, usually several times, then re-stitched until the required effect is reached.


Sometimes the unfinished work is photographed.

Thisfacilitates further cutting up and experimentation, 

before implementing those changes in the fabric itself. A time consuming process. The work is then layered with a backing and usually a wadding - this is tacked together and then stitched extensively by machine and by hand.

The stitching adds line, direction and emphasis. The results are an interpretation of the world around. It is the initial intention that propels the work forward. The completed pieces have texture, bold use of colour and a considered approach to composition.They are generally not the result of a pre-planned pattern or design. They are gradually developed through an underlying concept and a thoughtful choice of processes, fabrics and ideas. I hope that the work which can be interpreted on different levels - is visually exciting - and with a depth of meaning.